5 Money Saving Gadgets to Buy Right Now

I have a slight obsession with gadgets. Who remembers the movie Inspector Gadget? That’s where my obsession stems from. So when I purchase a new gadget and it saves me money, I consider that to be a pretty fantastic day!

Nest Thermostat Gadget

How does this gadget save me money?

Your thermostat controls half your energy bill – more than appliances, more than electronics. So shouldn’t it help you save energy?

The Nest Thermostat learns what temperature you prefer and builds a schedule around it. Since 2011, the Nest Thermostat has saved of 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide. In addition, independent studies showed that it saved people an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. So in under two years, it can pay for itself.

The Nest shows you how much energy you use every day, so you can see when you use more energy, like on weekends or Monday nights, and how to use less. The Nest Thermostat will also notify you if there’s something wrong – like if the furnace is acting up.

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Phillips Hue Dimming Bulb Gadget

How does this gadget save me money?

This gadget will save you money by utilizing sensors that automatically adjust to a room’s natural lighting, meaning the lights will dim on a sunny day and brighten on a cloudy day. I consider these bulbs to be an investment. While the initial cost is higher than a standard light bulb, the Phillips Hue bulbs last 30,000 hours each and save 40 to 60 percent more on your electric bill, thanks to the smart sensors.

Philips Hue combines brilliant and energy-efficient LED light with intuitive technology.With Philips Hue you can transform your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience. Connected home lighting offers infinite possibilities for playing with colors, syncing lights to your music, TV and games for immersive effects. The Philips Hue white ambiance can help you to fall asleep and wake up gently. It can energize you and help you to concentrate, read and relax.

Here’s the best part, you can control your lights from anywhere. Yes, anywhere! As long as you have an internet connection. If you’re like me, I’d do anything not to have to get out of bed just to turn the light off. Phillips hue gives me the power to be lazy and not feel guilty! Or simply automate your lights to make it seem like you’re home when you’re not.

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Smart Strip Surge Protector Gadget

How does this gadget save me money?

Avoid wasting energy by using a power strip. This power strip automatically shuts down devices that are not in use, saving you money and reducing your overall energy usage. Unlike most power strips, the Smart Strip itself uses very little energy. It uses one watt of power when fully engaged and less than ¼ of a watt when the automatically switched outlets are off.

The Smart Strip has widely spaced, clearly marked outlets that give you the space and ease to connect all necessary equipment. The four-way wall mountable design, 90° space-saver plug, and heavy-duty four-foot power cord offer the versatility to place the power strip wherever it is most convenient, so it never gets in the way of your footpath or your home décor. A lighted power switch keeps the strip visible, so you’re never left fumbling in the dark.

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Battery Charger Gadget


How does this gadget save me money?

Everyone has something in their home that requires batteries to operate (remotes, toys, flashlights, etc.) but batteries are down right expensive. The best way to reduce a battery’s long term costs, is by increasing the number of times a battery can charge and ‘drain’ over its lifetime. A battery charger will not only save you a significant amount of money because you’re not having to buy new packs, but you’ll never have to worry about not having any batteries.

The Amazon Basics Battery Charger recharges in pairs, accommodating two or four AA or AAA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries at a time. Once properly inserted, the unit begins to recharge automatically, and its full-charge, cut-off function protects batteries from being overcharged.

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Swash Dry Cleaning Gadget

How does this gadget save me money?

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Swash not only saves you money, but it saves your clothes, and your time. Swash allows you to de-wrinkle, refresh, restore and preserve your clothes. Never use the dry cleaner again!

Swash is the only in-home 10-minute clothing care system designed to fit your life. The SWASH System will Dewrinkle, Refresh, Restore and Preserve your clothes. Gone are the days of excessive washing, drying, steaming, ironing, and dry-cleaning. Swash easily fits wherever you decide to put it. For example, place it in a closet or bedroom near your clothes. It’s also quick and easy to setup. All you have to do is plug it into your standard wall outlet. Swash doesn’t requrie water, plumbing, vents, pipes or professional installation.

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