Gallery walls are a fun and easy way to decorate. I have a very large wall in my kitchen that needed some attention. I’d never done a gallery wall before but I’d seen several on Pinterest and thought I’d try one for myself!

An element in a gallery wall. A gallery wall is an opportunity to show the depths of your style palette and a bit of your story. A curated art wall is personal, because it can contain anything from a piece discovered at the flea market to a photo of your great-grandma on her wedding day, to the splurge you made to remember that first trip abroad.

Create a gallery wall. Remember that every wall in your home is worthy of great artwork, not just the living room. Group a collection of your favorite framed prints or photographs on the wall. You’ll love waking up to your favorite pieces every day.

My Personal Kitchen Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Ideas For Every Personality

Photo by Shannon Malone
Photo by Incorporate
Photo by Kasey Buick
Photo by Penguin Random House

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