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Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams gray paint colors are very popular amongst home owners and home buyers. Home-buyers are continuing to express that gray colors are their preferred interior paint color. Gray walls present a modern atmosphere, with a fresh and familiar feel. It also compliments a wide range of furnishings. With all of these qualities, it’s obvious why so many home-buyers turn to gray as their interior color of choice. Make sure to check out my article on how to pick the perfect paint color, every time.

Lazy Gray

SW 6254 / LRV: 53

Lazy Gray is subtle and relaxing gray. Depending on the lighting, this color can give a blue tone but not enough that it’d be considered baby blue.

Lazy Gray 

sherwin williams gray paint colors

Colors that pair well with Lazy Gray

Peppercorn SW7674
Cornwall Slate SW9131
Ice Cube SW6252

Agreeable Gray

I really like how soft this gray feels. It  has just a hint of taupe, which prevents it from looking like a cool gray with blue, green or purple undertones. I’d consider this as a “greige”.

Agreeable Gray

sherwin williams gray paint colors

sherwin williams gray paint colors


Colors that pair well with Agreeable Gray

Extra White SW7006
Coral Rose SW9004
Incredible White SW7028

Have you heard about Samplize? 

If you’re trying to pick paint colors, you’ll most likely want to sample the color first. Samplize offers peel and stick samples. These samples are easy, MESS-FREE, and affordable. 

A few reasons that I love Samplize:

  • You can order online, and samples are delivered right to your doorstep! No need to venture out to the paint store during a pandemic! 
  • The samples are much more cost-effective. You won’t have to purchase a paint sample, poster boards, AND brushes, that people typically use for paint samples. You’ll save yourself time/energy and money!
  • If you want to try samples in different rooms, don’t peel and stick the sample. That way you can hold it up and move it around. 

Dorian Gray

This is a warmer gray, with the slightest hint of green undertones. I would consider this to be medium value gray. Pairing it with white will help brighten the area.

sherwin williams gray paint colors



sherwin williams gray paint colors

Colors that pair well with Dorian Gray

Skyline Steel SW1015
Jasper Stone SW9133
Eider White SW7014

Wool Skein

Wool Skein leans slightly toward yellow/green undertones, without overpowering the gray. It’s a very muted color that won’t necessarily brighten a room or make it too dark.

Colors that pair well with Wool Skein

Panda White SW6147
Green Earth SW7748
Marshmallow SW7001

Gauntlet Gray

Gauntlet Gray works well as an accent wall, and is also an ideal exterior body color. It leans towards the cool spectrum and it looks amazing with white trim or cabinets.

Gauntlet Gray


sherwin williams gray paint colors


Gauntlet Gray

Repose Gray SW7015
Armagnac SW6354

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