Picture this…. it’s a cold winter morning and you leave your house to go to work and find a layer of frost on the windshield of your car. You open the trunk to retrieve your ice scraper only to find that it’s not there because you forgot to buy a new scraper after yours broke last year.

With no ice scraper, you do your best to defrost the windshield but you’re running late and call it “good enough”. As you approach the main road, the frozen sheet of snow from the roof of your car slides onto the windshield and blocks your view. You can’t see! Just as your about to turn on the wipers, you slam into the rear of the car in front of you.

Just think how that entire situation could have been avoided if you were prepared. Winter car preparation is crucial for staying safe in cold weather emergencies and will make things easier if you get into a crash, break down or get stuck. Check out the list below for 8 important items to keep in your car during winter.

Ice Scraper/Snow Brush

The first thing you’ll want to have for your winter car preparation is an ice scraper with a snow brush. It’s a necessity to have in your car during the winter months. It will help you get to and from your destination safely by removing snow from the windshield and headlights. You can find this product on Amazon here.

Hand Warmers

If you happen to become stranded in winter weather, you won’t want to be cold. This popular air-activated hand warmer is easy to store in your car. Even if you’re not stranded, these hand warmers are perfect for tailgaters, hunters, campers etc. You can find this item on Amazon here.

Survival Blanket

Hand warmers aren’t the only way to keep warm when you’re stranded in winter weather. The high-visibility, reflective surface works for emergency signaling and the inside can be used to wrap around your body or your sleeping bag for extra warmth. You can find this product on Amazon here.


This flashlight is compact enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or purse allowing for easy storage and quick access. It’s also virtually indestructible. You can even freeze or run it over with a truck and it will still work! Suitable for use in rain, snow, or emergency situations. You can find this product on Amazon here.

Emergency Flares or Reflectors

Snow storms reduce visibility during the day or at night. Reflectors will help other cars and emergency vehicles see you if you are stopped on the side of the road. This type of LED flare is reusable and easy to use without the risk of burning yourself or starting a fire. You can find this product on Amazon here.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an important item to keep in your car year-round. If you are injured during winter weather, it may take more time for emergency personnel to reach you. You’ll be able to administer basic first aid while waiting for assistance. You can find this product on Amazon here.

Jumper Cables

Cold weather can affect your car’s battery. When the battery is dead, you won’t be able to start your car which means you won’t be able to use the car’s heat. Jumper cables are also important to have year-round. You can find this product on Amazon here.

Ice Melt, Sand or Kitty Litter

The coarse materials will help your tires gain traction if your vehicle is stuck snow. You can also spread the material around the outside of your car to avoid slippery situations. This type of ice melt is safe for pets, concrete, grass and carpet. You can find this product on Amazon here.

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