Who doesn’t love a nice neutral paint color? Neutrals are relaxing, versatile and uncomplicated which is what makes them so popular. We all know that gray and beige are universally popular neutrals, but how about greige paint colors?


Gray has been a trending paint color for quite some time now, which makes sense because it’s a neutral. Neutrals are go to colors for people that just don’t know what color to choose but gray in particular can be challenging to work with.

Unfortunately, gray is not as simple as mixing black and white together. Choosing a gray paint color becomes a battle with undertones. If you look at the 4 paint colors below, you’ll notice that they all have different undertones, but are still considered gray.



“Beige is a beautiful French word meaning the color of un-dyed wool”, says interior designer Sarah Reid from Small Victories Design. Beige is another common neutral paint color. Beige is similar to gray in terms of being difficult to work with because of the undertones. Beige can have red, orange, pink and even yellow undertones.

Beige is also often considered a warm neutral. But let’s be honest, beige just hasn’t been as popular over the last decade. I think people were becoming tired of it because it was so overused and it  just seems a little bland. 

Greige paint colors

Gray + Beige = Greige

Greige is a happy medium because it brings out the best of both gray and beige. Combining the two together creates a rich color that works well with warm and cool color schemes. The amount of gray within the beige color is what determines “temperature”

If the color has more gray in it than beige, it will likely be considered a cool neutral. If it has more beige than gray, it will likely be considered a warm neutral. This is why greige is such a great neutral. It works with so many different spaces and color schemes. The key to making a greige paint color successful with almost any interior plan is by adding contrast through unique furnishings and art. 

Choose The Perfect Greige

To choose the perfect greige paint color, you’ll want to find a color with an even mix of grey and beige. I know you’re probably thinking that’s pretty obvious, but it’s more challenging than you might think. I find paint swatch fandecks to be incredibly helpful for this.

Greige paint colors
Greige paint colors

In the pictures above, you can see that the top arrows are pointing towards light greige colors. It’s also important to consider what the darker color would look like because you can get a better idea of the undertones. The picture on the left shows warmer undertones, where as the picture on the right shows cooler undertones.

What undertones would go best with the furnishings and decor that you already have? Below, you’ll find example pictures of popular greige colors. If you’re still unsure if greige would be the best paint color for you, you’ll probably find this article very useful… How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color.

Greige Paint Color Examples

Benjamin Moore Grege Avenue

991 / LRV: 40

Grege Avenue

Grege Avenue pairs well with:


Old Prairie

Woodmont Cream

Fog Mist Benjamin Moore

Fog Mist

Copley Gray

Gray Shower

Sherwin Williams Mega Greige

SW 7031

Sherwin Williams Mega Greige

Mega Greige pairs well with:


Linen White Benjamin Moore

Linen White


Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige

SW 6073 / LRV: 41

Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige

Perfect Greige pairs well with:

Chantilly Lace


green paint colors

Saybrook Sage

Brittany Blue

Alligator Green


Thanks for reading this post! I hope you have a better understanding of greige paint colors! Please feel free to leave a comment with your personal favorite greige colors and make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for all of the latest!

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