7 Paint Products You Won’t Want to Paint Without

If you’re looking to make your next painting project quick and easy, these 7 products are must haves! I’ve tried and tested each of the products below as well as many other paint products. I’ve chosen these 7 items specifically because I use them all of them when I’m painting. 

Handy Paint Cup

There are a lot of paint cups on the market, but I  like this one the most. It’s small, light and easy to move around with. It works well for cutting in and painting trim work. You can also purchase liners for easier cleanup. 

Paint Can Lid

Let me tell you, I’ll never paint without one of these lids again. To me, one of the most annoying things about painting is the cleanup. Without using a pour spout, paint winds up all over the side of the can and it can turn into a big mess rather quickly. The reason this product is so great is not only because of the pour spout, but also because it makes storing any remaining paint quick and easy! You’ll never have to find a paint can opener or mallet to hammer the lid back on because the pour spot collapses for easy storing.

Paint Brush Cover

I have a very small attention span, so whenever I dive into a project especially one that involves paint, I want the cleanup to be quick and easy so I can move on. The paint brush cover was originally featured on Shark Tank. I like that I’m able to keep my paintbrush fresh in between coats without having to clean the brush and waste paint each time. 

Frog Tape

Frogtape is the best painters tape on the market. It not only peels up easily, but it leaves a clean line. All Frogtape has PaintBlock technology. What exactly does that mean? PaintBlock is a super-absorbent polymer which reacts with latex paint and instantly gels  to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed. Frogtape comes in two different options: Multi-Surface and Delicate Surface. Use the delicate surface tape on freshly painted surfaces, faux finishes and wallpaper. Use the multi-surface tape for any other surface.


Painter's Pyramid

These small golden pyramids are one of the best paint products on the market! I’m a very impatient person and if there’s a tool or product that will make my project go faster, I’m all about it! These pyramids make it possible to paint one side of your project and flipped over to paint the other side without having to wait for it to dry. These pyramids also work wonders to lift your project off the ground, so the excess paint doesn’t stick to a surface you don’t want it to stick to.

Easy Clean Paint Tray

This isn’t an ordinary paint tray. No tray liner is needed, because it’s coated in teflon. Instead of having to clean out the tray each time, you can let the paint dry and then peel it out. The tray will look brand new. 

Paint Edger

If you don’t paint everyday, “cutting in” a room can be frustrating and messy. This Edger by Shur-Line makes cutting in quick and easy. It has wheels on the edge that allow you to roll it against the trim, without getting paint on the trim. 

Thank you for reading my article! I hope you’ll find these products as useful as I do. Feel free to leave a comment below with other paint products you like to use! Also make sure to follow us on facebook and pinterest for all of the latest!

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