There are thousands of white paint colors you have the option to choose from, but that would be incredibly overwhelming. In this post, I have examples of the most popular Benjamin Moore white paint colors. I’m only focusing on Benjamin Moore because that’s the product line that I’m most familiar with.

If you’re not familiar with my blog, you should know that I was a paint department manger for almost 5 years. During that time, it became apparent that I was mixing the same colors, over and over again and that’s why I’ve listed these particular colors. To browse all of my paint color posts, click here.

Atrium White

Atrium White has the slightest bit of pink undertones. It’s a nice white, but you’ll want to be careful if you have yellow or green tones in the area because it’ll really activate the pink. LRV of 87.

White Dove

White dove is by far the most popular white paint color by Benjamin Moore. It’s a subtle white with the slightest hint of gray. It’s perfect for trim, cabinets and doors. This is a safe ‘go-to’ color if you’re struggling to find the right white. LRV of 85.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is a bright, crisp, white paint color. It has just a hint of blue/gray undertones but not enough to make it any less of a bright white. It has an LRV of 92.

Linen White

Linen White Benjamin Moore

Linen white a creamy off white with just a hint of yellow/brown undertones. It doesn’t look stark white, and hides dirt pretty well.This is definitely the best selling off white paint color by Benjamin Moore. It has an LRV of 82.

Simply White

Simply White was Benjamin Moore’s 2016 color of the year. This color has yellow undertones, but not enough to overpower the white. It’s most popular on trim and kitchen cabinets. If you’re looking for a color in between off white, and stark white, this would be a good option. It has an LRV of 91.

Navajo White

Navajo white is a subtle off-white with a hint of yellow undertones. It has an LRV of 79, making it a color that will reflect a lot of light making the room feel bigger and brighter.

If you’d like to see more white paint color examples, I found this article by Laura Bern to be very helpful.

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    1. If you’d like bright white walls to off-set the creamy trim, I would suggest chantilly lace or simply white or even decorator white. If you’d like something similar to linen white I would suggest white dove or swiss coffee.

  1. Two questions:
    1) I live in south Texas, and people sometimes die of the summer heat here. (Summer lasts about 8 months here.) If I paint all my RV walls a “warm” white, will that make it feel hotter?
    2) I’m after “light & airy” but still cozy. What whites that are still “white” have a low enough LRV to prevent glare?

    1. I think Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, or Linen White would work well for your situation. Linen White (LRV of 82) has a touch more yellow than White Dove (LRV of 85). I’d probably lean more towards White Dove if you’re after a light and airy color. If those are too white for you, another option would be Cotton Balls or Navajo Whtie. Lighter paint colors will always have a higher LRV. The best way to prevent glare is to go with a flat, matte, or eggshell finish.

  2. I am building a new house. I want to paint my walls all the same color. I am going with an open floor plan and my furniture is all traditional. I like Swiss coffee and want to know if I should paint the walls or the cabinets that color. What color should I pair with it. I also like Alexandria beige for the island I want it to look more like a piece of furniture. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Robyn! Swiss coffee is such a warm and inviting color. You definitely can’t go wrong painting the cabinets with Swiss Coffee because it’s best suited for more traditional styles. Alexandria Beige would be a nice color for the island because it has warm undertones just like swiss coffee but it also has enough depth to be a focal point. Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter would be a good option for your walls because it would tie Alexandria Beige and Swiss Coffee together, and it works well in any room. Let me know if you’re looking for color suggestions other than whites, taupes, or neutrals and I can send you some more options.

  3. Please help, repainting my main floor. my kitchen is sort of a tuscan yellow but too bright, reddish brick color counters and floor. want to repaint my white cabinets, trim , and use same trim color for the Dining room and living room for some cohesion. Thinking about phila cream for walls in Lr and Dr, would it be too much yellow? Cream? Or a beige yellow? Powell buff is too dark. My living room has a grey stone fireplace and black wood stove dark blue sofa, We painted the living room walls Behr Navaho white and I hate it but I think part of the problem is my trim is too cool of a white.Thinking maybe painting the door black, as it’s now wood grain brown and I hate it. Don care for grey, I love warm colors but not flash light bright, I would appreciate any guidance, I have paint samples For the wall over and am so frustrated. Thinking of starting over with trim color

    1. Hi Michele! If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re wanting to repaint your cabinets and trim in a warm white color, and cream/beige/yellow blend for the walls. If that’s all correct, and you’re concerned about Philadelphia Cream looking too yellow or beige, you might look at Consentino Chardonnay or Hepplewhite Ivory. These colors are almost a combination of Philadelphia Cream and Powell Buff but they’re lighter, and they’re not too yellow and not too beige, but more ivory. It looks like a happy medium. Ancient ivory would work nicely as a trim color because it’s a soft warm white, that would blend nicely with the wall color. I’ll keep doing some research to see what else might be a good option and send you an email with anything else I come up with.

  4. Thank you for writing this article its helping us narrow down the white we would like. I really like the Simply White or the Chantilly white, however I am having trouble identifying which would go best with my interior and tiles. Our tile has a yellow tint to it and we have a blue couch and brown dining table with white cream chairs. Our plan is to paint walls and ceilings all white.
    Which white would your recommend given our tile color, couch and dining table?
    We would greatly appreciate any feedback, here is a couple of pictures:

    1. Hi Dala! After looking at the pictures you included, I would recommend Chantilly Lace. Chantilly Lace is a cool white, which will go well with your blue couch, but it will also go well with your brown dining table and cream chairs. Simply White has more of a warm yellow tone and if you want everything to coordinate well together, I think Chantilly Lace is your best option. You’ll have to let me know what you decide to go with! I’d love to see pictures when it’s finished!

  5. Hi there
    I am looking for a white that goes with the stark white tub and toilet. My vanity is white also but it against a feature wall that has been painted wrought iron.
    Thank you so much for your help

    1. Oh my goodness, it looks fabulous!! Home Goods and the At Home Store are 2 of my favorite places to look for wall decor! I really love how the color turned out!

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