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Popular Exterior Paint Colors

Well-chosen exterior paint colors can add significant curb appeal to any home. Coordinated paint colors highlight the home’s details while also showing your sense of style and personality. With that being said, choosing colors that coordinate can be a difficult task and is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Hiring a painter and using high quality paint is expensive and choosing the right paint color should be considered an investment. 

Quick Tips:

  • Siding/Body: Main focal point
  • Trim: Neutral accents that coordinate with the body.
  • Shutters: Some people choose to use the same color as the trim, while others people like may match the shutter color to their front door or paint them different entirely. As long as they coordinate, it’s really up to you!

Gray and Beige Exterior Paint Colors

Gray is extremely popular right now for both interior and exterior. Beige has always been a popular choice as well. Being that both gray and beige are neutrals, you can have fun with accent colors or you can keep a clean look and keep everything neutral. 

exterior paint colors

Photo by Green Basements & Remodeling

  • Shutters: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (SW6258)
  • Trim: Sherwin Williams Snowbound (SW7004 )
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray (HC-108)
exterior paint colors
exterior paint colors
  • Benjamin Moore Fairview Taupe (HC-85)
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)
  • Accent: Benjamin Moore Super White (OC-152)
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Bear Creek (1470)
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray (SW7045)

Red Exterior Paint Colors

If you want a bold look, red is a great option. You’ll want to compliment the red with neutrals, like white and black to help even out the look. Red exterior paint colors will definitely stand out and provide significant curb appeal. 

exterior paint colors
  • Body: Sherwin Williams Lighthouse 
  • Trim: Sherwin Williams  Neutral Ground (SW7568)
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Caliente (AF-290)
  • Body: Sherwin Williams Tomatillo (SW-6871)
  • Shutters: Benjamin Moore Black

Navy and Blue Exterior Paint Colors

Navy is growing in popularity. It’s subtle yet bold and pairs well with so many different colors. If you choose to go with a lighter shade of blue, your home’s exterior will feel inviting.

exterior paint colors
  • Body: Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray (SW0077)
  • Trim and Door: Sherwin Williams Black Sox (SW7020)
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Blue Note (2129-30)
  • Trim: Benjamin Moore Oxford White (869)
  • Door: Benjamin Moore Yellow Marigold (2155-30)
exterior paint colors
exterior paint colors
  • Benjamin Moore Blue Note (2129-30)

Green and Sage Exterior Paint Colors

Light sage is the new up-and-coming exterior paint color. It’s not necessarily a neutral, but it’s also not too bold. Light sage tends to look best when it’s paired with white.

exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Weekend Getaway (473)
  • Trim: Benjamin Moore Cloud Nine (OC-119)
  • Accent: Benjamin Moore Newburg Green (HC-158)
Exterior paint colors
exterior paint colors
  • Benjamin Moore Mountain Lane (488)
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Caribbean Teal (2123-20)
  • Garage Doors: Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain (2134-30)
  • Trim: Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies (OC-48)
exterior paint colors
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Ralph Lauren Amazon Green

White Exterior Paint Colors

White exterior paint colors are timeless. Some people tend to shy away from white because it can show dirt, but if you select the right finish, it’s easy to clean. White is classic and elegant and it’s easy to pair any color with. 

exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Ballet White (OC-9)
  • Shutters: Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Brilliant White 
  • Shutters: Benjamin Moore Black 
exterior paint colors
  • Body: Benjamin Moore Seagull Gray
  • Trim: Benjamin Moore Cloud White

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  1. I love the first picture underneath the navy and blue exterior paint section and how the home is a grayish-blue and has white accents. My aunt and uncle are wanting to repaint their home to add a pop of color. I’ll see what they think about this trend when they find an exterior painting service in Atlanta, GA.

  2. I love how you displayed the bold look a house can have when painting its exterior with red and brown paint. It’s been apparent to me that the modern aesthetic that my house currently has just isn’t working out, so I wanted to opt for something a little more classy and bold. If I can find an exterior painting service that can help me achieve this look, I’m sure I’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you like the different non-traditional exterior color examples! I wanted to show a variety of examples so I’m glad that came through.

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