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My Favorite Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors:

Neutral paint colors are timeless. They’ve always been a popular choice and always will be, but defining a neutral can be more challenging than you think. Take a look at the color wheel below…. what colors do you not see? Gray, Brown, Black and White. 

A neutral is defined as any color that doesn’t fall into the standard families on the color wheel. These four colors are essentially foolproof since they easily support all other colors. I have so many favorite Benjamin Moore gray paint colors that it was hard to narrow it down to a select few, but I’ve listed my personal favorites below. 

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Edgecomb Gray

HC-173 / LRV: 63

Edgecomb Gray is lighter paint color. Depending on the lighting, this color could lean more towards the beige side, or more towards the gray side which is one of the reasons I picked it for my perfect greige article. Edgecomb Gray has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 63 so it does reflect some light. All around, this is a great neutral.

Rockport Gray (HC-105)
Newburyport Blue (HC-155)
Buxton Blue (HC-149)

Gray Cashmere

2138-60 / LRV: 65

Gray Cashmere is a gray paint color with a mix of green and blue. It’s very similar to Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt. It has an LRV of 65. In a room with a lot of natural lighting, this will lean more towards 

benjamin moore gray paint colors

 Gray Cashmere pairs well with: 

Rustic Brick (2091-20)
Pilgrim Haze (2132-50)
Beigewood (1007)

Boothbay Gray

HC-165 / LRV: 43

Boothbay Gray tends to lean more towards the blue side, but when it’s paired with a warm white, the blue will be more muted. It has an LRV of 43. Also, fun fact about this color… Jennifer Lopez painted her cabinets in Boothbay Gray (picture below).

Boothbay Gray pairs well with: 

Yarmouth Blue HC-150
Wickham Gray HC-171

Silver Gray

2131-60 / LRV: 61

Silver Gray is a cool gray that also tends to lean more towards the blue side. It’s a very calming color that works well in bedrooms and offices. Silver Gray has an LRV of 61 so it’s a bit of a darker gray. 

Silver Gray pairs well with: 

Boothbay Gray HC-165
Amherst Gray HC-167

Revere Pewter

HC-172 / LRV: 55

Revere Pewter is arguably the most popular paint color of all time and my absolute favorite Benjamin Moore gray. It’s a warm gray that has a lot of depth and looks great with pops of color. It works in any lighting, whether you have a room with lots of natural light or artificial light. Revere Pewter has an LRV of 55. 

Revere Pewter pairs well with:

Sweatshirt Gray 2126-40
Copley Gray HC-104

Gray Wisp

1570 / LRV: 54

Gray Wisp goes well with dark wood and white paint colors. Gray Wisp has an LRV of 54. It does tend to lean more towards the green side, but in natural lighting, it still looks like a nice gray. 

Gray Wisp pairs well with:

Chocolate Velvet CSP-235
Midnight Oil 1631
Sparkling Wine 949

Rockport Gray

HC-105 / LRV: 35

Rockport Gray is probably the darkest out of all of the colors I’ve listed here. It works well as an accent wall color and a lot of people use it for their home’s exterior. Nonetheless, you can still use it indoors which is why this is such a great paint color! Rockport Gray has an LRV of 35.

Rockport Gray pairs well with:

Duxbury Gray (HC-163)
Simply White (2143-70)
Manchester Tan (HC-81)

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Coventry Gray

HC-169 / LRV: 48

Coventry Gray is a mid-tone gray that’s extremely versatile. If you use this color in a room with a lot of natural light, it will have a bit of a blue undertone. In artificial lighting, it will have warmer undertones. Coventry Gray also works well as an exterior color. It has an LRV of 48. 

Coventry Gray pairs well with:

Amherst Gray (HC-167)
Gray Owl (OC-52)

Sea Haze

2137-50 / LRV: 46

Sea Haze has hints of green undertones when in a room with artificial lighting and hints of blue undertones when in a room with natural lighting. It’s a soft gray and has an LRV of 46. This soft shade of gray packs a surprisingly powerful punch of  color.

Sea Haze pairs well with:

Silken Pine (2144-50)
Rock Gray (1615)
Snow White (2122-70)


2140-60 / LRV: 68

Moonshine is probably the lightest gray out of all of the Benjamin Moore gray’s that I’ve listed here.  Moonshine has the slightest undertone of blue. It has an LRV of 68. 

Moonshine pairs well with:

Bittersweet Chocolate (2114-10)
Spring Violet (2117-50)
Desert Twilight (2137-40)

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Thank you so much for checking out my post! I hope you’ve found something useful with this information! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest and Facebook for all of the latest!


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21 Responses

    1. Acadia White (AC-41), Linen White (912) and Creamy White (OC-7). Those are just a few ideas, but if you’d like anymore, let me know!

        1. Funny you ask that… I’m in the middle of trying to decide on a gray for my kitchen cabinets right now, and my kitchen is revere pewter. I’ll update you as soon as I have a few ideas!

  1. I recently had the cabinets in my home repainted by a local wood refinishing company and they did a great job, but the white color I chose didn’t quite go with the walls or the decor of the room. Rather than getting the cabinets refinished again, I decided to repaint the walls in my home with Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. I never would have picked this color if it weren’t for this post because there are so many options for gray paint, but this was the perfect color for my kitchen and I’m happy with the results!

  2. Great Post! I want to paint my entire main open living space one gray color. I get migraines so I have almost no natural light and I have to use 2700 Kelvin bulbs. I would love to paint everything a very light gray but I worry about it looking yellow, or a weird undertone coming through. Do you have any recommendations of colors to try? I’d also like to paint a coordinating black or dark charcoal for the window framing if you have a suggestion for that as well.

  3. Great article! I got a sample of grey wisp. I wish it was a little darker on my wall. How does wedgewood grey compare? Looking for a muted green thats not too green, more like a green/grey

  4. Hi! I’m refinishing my small basement and find a lot of the grays and neutrals that I usually like (revere pewter, edgecomb, gray owl) look dark/muddy or cold in the space. How would Gray Cashmere do? There is only one tiny window for natural light (north facing), but plenty of LED high hats are currently being installed. Flooring is mid-tone brown vinyl, almost like a driftwood color. I’m hoping for a light, bright and fresh feeling space. I have to pick the paint color, but not all the lighting is fully installed, making it extra tricky! Trying to avoid muddy or icy looks. Thank you ????

    1. Hi there! It sounds like you’re looking for a color with more of a green undertone? Gray Cashmere and Silver Marlin (2139-50) are gray/green. You might also look at Spring Thaw (1508), Vale Mist (1494), Sweet Spring (1500), or Vale Mist (1494). As you know, lighting is going to play a huge part in what the color looks like. Hopefully one of those options works well. In my lighting, none of them seem very muddy or icy. They seem to be more fresh and airy. Let me know if none of those options work and I’ll do a little more digging!

    1. I think a light gray with brown undertones would be good. It’d tie the dark hardwoods, granite, and cabinets together nicely. Here are a few suggestions… SW Gray Area, BM Revere Pewter, SW Pediment, SW On The Rocks, SW Perfect Greige, and BM Gray Owl. If you want something a little darker than those options, try SW Adaptive Shade.

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