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7 Best All Natural and Eco-Friendly Cleaners

I think it’s important to share the benefits of using all natural cleaners, whether you buy natural cleaners from the store, or make your own. It’s easy, fun and economical to make your own effective cleaners that are safe for your health and the environment. Here’s a printable PDF copy of all natural cleaner recipes that you can download and print for free!

If you’re not interested in making your own safe and effective green cleaners, but don’t want to use harsh chemicals, you’ll find several natural cleaning companies below as well as what people like and dislike about each brand. 

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is a Caldrea Company. They use materials from renewable plant resources whenever possible. Sometimes their products contain non-plant-derived materials for reasons of efficacy, consistency and safety. Their products do not contain bleach, ammonia, petroleum, parabens, phosphates or phthalates. They also do not test on animals. They have a wide variety of scents that are a combination of essential and synthetic ingredients. 

Better Life

all natural cleaner

Better Life cleaning products were featured on Shark Tank. Their products are cruelty-free, natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for people, pets, waterways and marine life. In addition, their scented products contain essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. In my opinion, Better Life is a great all around cleaner that really gets the job done. I also like how they use solar energy and biodegradable materials for their packaging. 


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Biokleen was initially founded to make plant-based, non-caustic cleaners for professional services and janitors. Today, they bring those same powerful formulas to families and homes across America. All Biokleen products are free of phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, alcohol, butyl, glycol ether, brighteners, artificial colors, and artificial fragrance. They believe in homes that are free of chemicals and toxins. Click here for a list of their ingredients


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Unique makes a lot of different natural products, and I’ve tried and tested all of them. They all work wonderfully. The company started in 1987 and continued to grow using the same foundational premise: inexpensive, safe, natural and most of all effective. His line of safe and effective products grew from pet stain removers to grease removers, drain openers, wine stain removers, boat and RV holding tank cleaners and carpet shampoos. 


Dr. Bronner’s

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Dr. Bronner’s has been making soap since 1858. Dr. Bronner’s exclusively uses 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene (PET) plastic bottles for all of their liquid and pump soaps. Dr. Bronner’s works with suppliers and farmers worldwide to help improve livelihood while simultaneously regenerating soil. Dr. Bronner’s focuses on leaving the earth than a better place than we found it. 

J.R. Watkins

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J.R Watkins has been in business since 1868. They makes all natural body care and all natural home cleaners. I like that they offer a wide array of scents and that their packaging has an antique feel.  

Their products are non-toxic plant-based formulas that are both biodegradable and phosphate free. While their products are eco-friendly, they do contain up to 2% of ingredients that are not naturally derived, so if you’re looking for something that’s 100% natural, this is not what you’d want to use. 


all natural cleaner

The founders of method believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it, by working to restore our planet’s natural resources. They measure their progress through 5 metrics: B Corp Score, Compass Score, Carbon Footprint, Water Usage and Waste Footprint. You can learn more about their Benefit Blueprint here. 

My Favorite Natural Scrubbers

Scrub Daddy

  • Flex texture: You control your scrubbing power. Scrub daddy is soft and compressible in warm water, and he’s firm in cold water. 
  • Scratch Free: Safe scrubbing on over a dozen different household surfaces including glass, non-stick coatings, granite, ceramic, wood and staineless steel. 
  • Doesn’t hold odors: Scrub daddy dries with in an hour so it won’t mold and has been independently lab tested to no hold odors for up to 8 weeks.


  • The Kitchen: non-stick pots and pans, glass/cermaic cook-tops, cookware, and even root vegetables!
  • The Bathroom: porcelain, marble and tile, and glass shower doors
  • Outdoors: Garden tools, furniture, boats and pools.
  • Bonus Features: Made in Europe, Environmentally Friendly and Dishwasher Safe

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