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Modern Horizontal & Vertical Fence
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Most people install a fence for privacy, defining property lines or keeping pets and children safe. However, fencing can also serve as an architectural piece that compliments the exterior of your home. Fencing can be made of wood, metal, 

There are so many options and styles to consider outside of the basic designs from old. It’s a good idea to bring photos with you 

Horizontal Fence Designs

Horizontal fences allow for more customization than standard vertical fencing because vertical fencing is typically prefabricated. Horizontal planks can be spaced close together, or farther apart depending on how much privacy you’d like. Horizontal boards can also make your yard or property look longer and bigger.

Horizontal fence design
Photo By: Denver Modern Fence
Photo By: Green Future Construction
horizontal fence design
Photo By: Reed Fence & Deck Co.
Photo By: Gates Doors & Ironworks
Photo By: Tydan Landscape Design Inc.
Photo By: Dakota Unlimited
Photo By: All Access Fence
Photo By: Shed Architecture
Photo By: Unique Fence & Gate
Photo By: Tim Cuppett
Photo By: La Fence Craft

Vertical Fencing Designs

Vertical fence pickets are the most traditional style of fencing, but you can still add creativity to a traditional design. The picture below is a perfect example of vertical fence pickets but placed in a contemporary fashion. 

Photo By: Archer & Buchanan Architecture
Photo By: Split Rail Fence Co
Modern Fence
Photo By: Superior Fence Co
Photo By: Unique Fence and Gate
Modern Fence
Photo By: Split Rail Fence Co

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  1. That’s a good point that the fence could be a cool addition to your house instead of just a safety feature. I like the idea of having a fence that looks super nice and is strong enough to keep my kids and my dog in my yard. I should look into some cool designs I could choose if I decide to have a fence installed.

  2. You really did a good job at showing how horizontal board fences could make your yard look bigger. This is something I’m sure my house property could benefit from since we plan to use our backyard as a sort of “Second Kitchen” area where we can hang out during the weekends. If I can find a fence contractor in the area that can arrange something like this for us, I’ll hire them right away.

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