Most Popular Benjamin Moore Cream Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing paint colors, no shade is more timeless than cream. Cream paint colors can be paired with bright, bold hues in a large space, or paired with muted pastels. Regardless of the accent colors you decide to pursue, consider using one of these designers’ go-to cream paint colors. 

Windham Cream 

Benjamin Moore / HC-6 / LRV: 80.4

best cream paint colors

Depending on your lighting, windham cream can look like a deep yellow, or a creamy off-white. The more windows and natural lighting you have, the lighter the color will look.

Windham Cream pairs well with:

Central Park

Palladian Blue

Spring Dust

Philadelphia Cream 

Benjamin Moore / HC-30 / LRV: 70.61

best cream paint colors

Philadelphia Cream is a warm neutral. It has the slightest hint of brown undertones. It works well with many different colors because of it’s neutral body. 

Philadelphia Cream pairs well with:

California Redwood

Meadow Mist

Cougar Brown

Natural Cream 

Benjamin Moore / OC-14 / LRV: 66.26

best cream paint colors

Natural cream is very similar to edgecomb gray without any purple undertone. I like to call this a muddy cream. This color is really a mix of gray, yellow and white. It’s one of the most popular cream paint colors. 

Natural Cream pairs well with:


Polaris Blue

Deep Caviar

Gentle Cream 

Benjamin Moore / OC-96 / LRV: 72.8

best cream paint colors

Some people may find gentle cream a bit too light, but I find it soothing and richly shaded. It adds depth and interest especially in formal living spaces. White it does lean more yellow, it’s definitely not overpowering. 

Gentle Cream pairs well with:

Harbor Highlands Tan

Squirrel Tail

Rustic Brick

Rich Cream 

Benjamin Moore / 2153-60 / LRV: 78.41

best cream paint colors

Rich cream looks very different depending on the lighting. Natural lighting will make it look lighter and cleaner like it does in the second picture below. In areas that don’t have much natural lighting, rich cream will look like a sweet almond creme. 

Rich Cream pairs well with:

Sea Star

Urban Nature


Linen White

Benjamin Moore / OC-146 / LRV: 82.9

best cream paint colors

A decorator favorite, this light, creamy off-white is a never-fail neutral for walls, trim, doors and ceilings. As clean and comfortable as fresh linen, it relies on a yellow undertone for added warmth.

Linen White pairs well with:

Black Raspberry

Deep Creek

Colorado Grey

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