Most Popular Benjamin Moore Navy Blue Paint Colors

Are you considering navy blue for your home? You’ll want to read this take on the best navy blue paint colors available on the market today. Navy blue is a timeless, and elegant color. I had trouble narrowing it down to 6 colors. Picking the perfect navy blue isn’t an easy task, but with a few photos for inspiration and information on undertones, it’s much easier to narrow down your options. 

 “A well-used blue is a true stroke of confidence.”
-Hannah Yeo
Color & Design Expert

Struggling to Pick the Perfect Paint Color?

Picking a paint color can be very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve created a guide to help you pick the perfect paint color. 

Gentleman’s Gray

2062-20 / LRV: 5.37

Gentleman’s Gray is an elegant deep blue that leans toward classic navy. I think it has undertones of green, but it really depends on the lighting. 

Gentleman’s Gray pairs well with:

Danville Tan

Gray Mirage

Pike’s Peak Gray

Hale Navy

HC-154 / LRV: 6.3

I love the mystery of this color. Sometimes it looks blue, and sometimes it looks black. You have to be careful with this color in small spaces because it can make a room look smaller than it already is. Regardless, if you’re looking for a deep navy, this is by far one of the most popular.

Hale Navy pairs well with:

Edgecomb Gray

White Dove

Sea Haze

Hudson Bay

1680 / LRV: 7.91

Hudson Bay is visually similar to Van Deusen Blue. It’s a softer blue, but still dark. I think it has a hint of purple undertones. 

Hudson Bay pairs well with:

Thundercloud Gray

Genesis White

Golden Garden

Old Navy

2063-10 / LRV: 3.11

Old Navy is more of a royal blue. While it’s still a very dark color, it doesn’t have as much black in it as Hale Navy does. The cobalt blue really pops when it’s paired with a bright white. 

Old Navy pairs well with:


Rosemary Sprig


Polo Blue

2062-10 / LRV: 3.61

Visually similar to hale navy. It doesn’t have quite as much blue in it as old navy does. If you’re looking for a color that’s in between hale navy and old navy, this would be the best option. 

Polo Blue pairs well with: 


Drummond Blue

Ice Cap

Van Deusen Blue

HC-156 / LRV: 10.04

Van Deusen Blue is the lightest blue out of the ones I’ve listed. It’s less of a royal blue and more muted. I think there’s a nice mix of blue and gray, without being too dark. 

Navy Blue Paint Colors

Van Deusen Blue pairs well with:

Aloe Vera

Mt Rainier Gray

Yellow Freeze

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  1. this is really helpful. I am painting my sons room Old Navy because I want a nautical feel but also a color that can grow with them. What white trim would you pair with Old Navy? I know this mentioned bright white – would you use Chantilly Lace or is this too bright? There is tons of trim in this room so the white will be important. Please lmk if you get a chance. thanks.

    1. Hi Mar! Chantilly Lace is definitely a bright white, but I personally like using a bright white trim with a dark wall color because it makes the wall color really pop. Chantilly Lace also has a hint of gray undertones, which would tie in well with Old Navy. If you’re concerned about it being too bright though, here are a few other options… White Dove, Simply White, and Decorator’s White. I’d really suggest you get samples and see what looks best in your lighting.

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