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Coffee tables obviously exist for function over anything else, but the table also provides an opportunity to create a focal point in your living room. Coffee table decor is simple. Whether you prefer a simple balanced look, or organized chaos, I’ve listed several examples and ideas below to help you create a coffee table you love. There are three things that are important when deciding on coffee table decor…

  • Maintain balance
  • Use contrasting colors
  • Make it personal
Think about your own likes and dislikes, the amount of space you have to work with and the patterns and textures that will compliment the room. You’ll want to take the color of the room into consideration as well. Create a Wish List of all the things you’d love have. While all of the ideas you come up with may not be possible, “lateral thinking often reveals simple solutions to previously unsolvable obstacles.” Erica Swanson Design, Interior Design 101. 

Coffee Table Decor Ideas


Coffee table decor centerpieces can be a combination of several things. You can create a personal twist that tells a story about who you are and the places you’ve been. Maybe a grouping sea shells you collected on vacation, or figurines from places you’ve been. It also makes for a conversation piece. If the thought of a large collection of knick-knacks and trinkets doesn’t appeal to you, just display a few decorative pieces that you really love. 


Stacks of books are very popular when it comes to coffee table decor. You can leave the stack of books as is, or place decorative objects like bowls, vases, flowers etc on top. Additionally, you can add a decorative tray, flowers, a magnifying glass or other small trinkets to make it more versatile. 

Candles and Candle Holders

Keep it simple. Candles are decorative, but functional. Lanterns are also a unique alternative to candles that provide texture and depth. You may even consider having a mismatch candle display for an “organized chaos” look. Candle holders and lanterns are a great way to incorporate different metals and textures.

Flowers and Vases

Do you want an indoor plant but can’t seem to keep one alive? These faux flowers are the perfect solution. They look incredibly real and they bring fresh energy and some color to the space. Succulents are also perfect for a adding touch of nature without having to care for the plant. 

Decorative Trays

Trays are the perfect addition to any coffee table. You can use a decorative tray as a catchall for remotes, coasters, matches, etc. Or you can use a tray to act as a decor holder. They’re not only decorative, but functional. Consider using more than one tray! That way you can have a tray for decor and a tray that can be used for catchall items. 

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  1. I’m planning to decorate my coffee table and make it more stylish, which is why I’m currenlty looking for a stainless steel platter. Well, you also made a pretty good point that decorating it with stacks of books and a flower vase will be a great focal point. I’ll also keep in mind to consider styling it up with fancy lanterns or candles.

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