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Wood Accent Wall Ideas For Every Style

Have you ever considered creating a wood accent wall? Accent walls have long been a popular way to create a focal point in a room. Over time, accent walls have evolved into more than just a dramatic paint color. The latest trend involves using wood to create a rustic, textural contrast, without dramatically changing the existing color or style of the space. Wood accent walls can vary by type of wood, finish, color, texture, and shape.   


Wood Accent Walls for Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Wood and moisture don’t mix well, because it can lead to wood rot, mold, and mildew. However, when the wood is properly sealed, you can create an amazing focal point, especially on a wall behind the bathtub or sink! To learn more about wood sealants, click here. 

A rustic wall behind a sleek white tub really makes the wall stand out. 

This unique wood accent wall brings shape and texture to a new level

Similar to shiplap, but larger planks.

Pallet wood can be used for a rough feel and the wood can look different depending on how it has weathered. 

Whitewash shiplap gives a beachy feel

Wood Accent Walls for Living Rooms, Seating Areas and Dining Rooms

Make your main living areas more inviting by adding texture and warmth. Wood can easily coordinate with any design or style. Additionally, dining rooms in particular typically have some type of wood already, like dining tables, buffets, hutches, etc. Adding a wood accent wall would be a great way to tie everything together. 

Wood accent doesn’t also have to be a full wall. This wood accent fireplace looks fantastic with the brick!

Rustic shiplap to act as a focal point

You don’t always need to make the entire wall out of wood. This style is simple, while still being a nice focal point. 

A unique way of incorporating reclaimed painted wood.

Whitewashed diagonal planks to create a perfect backdrop for a formal seating area.

Distressed wood planks that add contrast to modern decor

Vertical, dark planks that pop with the white walls. 

Simple, yet eye-catching and inviting

Wooden pallet planks really bring this wall to life

This type of accent wall works well with the other materials around it, like the cement fireplace

A colorful reclaimed wall that pairs with the furniture and room decor

Reclaimed whitewash wood to accentuate the dark furniture

Final  Recap

Don’t be afraid to try something new! There are so many different unique ways to accentuate your home with wood accents. If your space feels too masculine or rough, try adding various pictures, lights, artwork, etc. to soften the vibe. Creating a gallery wall is a great way to accomplish that. Check out my article on gallery walls here!


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