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Most Popular Paint Colors with Designers

Building a new construction home has been on the rise over the last few years. Many people do not want to hassle with bidding wars, and they’d rather be able to pick and choose everything they want instead of having to remodel. I’ve listed several paint colors and paint color schemes that are being used by builder’s and designers across the United States!

Benjamin Moore

Carolina Gull (2138-40)

LRV: 26

Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull is a timeless classic. It’s not too light and it’s not too dark. It’s a nice subtle green, with light gray/brown undertones. 

Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull pairs well with:

Benjamin Moore

Gentle Gray (1626)

LRV: 58

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray 1626 is a soft blue gray. It provides a calming atmosphere. If you don’t want to make the room look smaller, separate the 

Image: Design by Lisa
Gentle Gray

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray pairs well with:

Benjamin Moore

Quarry Rock (1568)

LRV: 13

Benjamin Moore Quarry Rock is  a deep green with gray undertones. It works well as an accent wall but it also works well if you paint the whole room with it. If you paint all 4 walls with this color, it’d be good to have lighter furniture and décor.   

Quarry Rock

Benjamin Moore Quarry Rock pairs well with:

Benjamin Moore

Rocky Coast (1595)

LRV: 16

Benjamin Moore Rocky Coast is what I consider a true “gray”. It’s doesn’t have undertones peeking through. It seems like to perfect mix of black and white. 

Benjamin Moore Rocky Coast pairs well with:

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Sherwin Williams

Naval (SW 6244) 

LRV: 4

Sherwin Williams Naval was their “color of the year” in 2020. It’s a deep navy that looks fantastic on cabinetry or as an accent wall. 

Sherwin Williams Naval pairs well with:

Sherwin Williams

Snowbound (SW 7004)  

LRV: 83

Sherwin Williams Snowbound is a subtle white with a slight gray undertone. On it’s own, it looks like a nice clean white, but when paired with other colors, you’ll notice the gray undertone. 

Sherwin Williams Snowbound pairs well with:

Sherwin Williams

Slate Tile (SW 7624) 

LRV: 15

Sherwin Williams Slate Tile is a dark blue with a hint of gray. It’s a great color for an accent wall, and it’s also becoming a very popular color for kitchen cabinets. 

Sherwin Williams Slate Blue well with:

Farrow & Ball

Calke Green (No. 34) 

Farrow & Ball’s Calke Green is a dark sage green. It works well when paired together on its own, as you can see in the first picture, or when it’s paired with a darker neutral.   

Calke Green Farrow and Ball

Farrow & Ball Calke Green pairs well with:

Farrow & Ball

Shadow White (No. 282) 

Shadow White has a slight hint of gray. It’s a versatile color that works well if you prefer lighter neutrals on both walls and woodwork. 

Farrow & Ball Shadow White pairs well with:

Thanks for checking out my article on popular paint colors being used by builder’s and designers. Hopefully you were able to get some ideas and inspiration! Feel free to leave a comment below. I love hearing from my readers! Also  make sure to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the latest! 


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