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Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams


Before we dive in, do you know how many green paint colors there are? Me neither. But I know there are A LOT, and I’d like to share with you why I think Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams is becoming one of the most popular green paint colors. I’m going to share some specifics on Evergreen Fog, show you some example pictures, and also provide you with coordinating colors and colors that are very similar! 



 Evergreen Fog was Sherwin Williams “Color of the Year” in 2022! It’s a subtle green, and it’s cool neutral undertone makes it an adaptable color. It’s a color that you can use on all 4 walls, and not just as an accent color, furniture color or cabinet color.  It looks best when paired with the right coordinating colors, wood finishes, and other textures. The color chart below, shows where Evergreen Fog falls on a dark to light scale. 

Conservative Gray- SW6183
Austere Gray-SW6184
Escape Gray- SW6185
Evergreen Fog
Evergreen Fog SW-9130
Dried Thyme- SW6186

What is the LRV of Evergreen Fog and why is it important? 

First if you’re not familiar with Light Reflective Value (LRV) you can quickly read about it HERE. Evergreen Fog has an LRV of 30, meaning that it should hold true to its color when painted in a bright room. However, if it’s painted in a room that doesn’t have adequate lighting, it will look a bit darker. This is why 

Does Evergreen Fog have a warm or cool undertone?

Sherwin Williams considers Evergreen Fog as a versatile, chameleon color. Think, green-meets-gray with just a hint of blue. Greens with a yellow undertone are considered warm, while greens with a blue undertone are considered cool. So with that being said, this particular color has a cool undertone. 

While there is a hint of blue in this color, you can rest assured that it won’t overtake the green. Fortunately, it has enough gray in it to tone down the green, and eliminate the blue which is what makes it such a popular shade of green.

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Example pictures of Evergreen Fog: Interior & Exterior

Sherwin Williams hit the nail on the head by calling Evergreen Fog a versatile and chameleon color because it looks so good in so many different areas of the home. From accent walls, to kitchen cabinets, furniture to exterior… you simply can’t go wrong with this color!  

Paint colors that coordinate with Evergreen Fog: 

These coordinating colors extend a natural appeal by bringing a touch of contrast.

Shoji White SW7042
Ethereal White
Ethereal White SW6182
Dried Edamame SW9122
Uber Umber SW9107
Urbane Bronze SW7048
Woven Wicker SW9104

Materials and finishes that coordinate with Evergreen Fog: 

Wood Finishes:

Wood finishes bring an organic look, making you feel one with nature. Which is why it pairs so well with “The Color of the Year”. The picture below shows Evergreen Fog paired with Shoji White SW 7042. 

Evergreen Fog
Metals and Stone:

Warmer metallics like tarnished silver, warm champagne gold, burnished gold, and black finishes beautifully compliment the “Color of the Year”. Rougher tile and stone surfaces also compliment the metals, and wood finishes. 

Similar paint colors to Evergreen Fog:

In my opinion, PPG is the closest out of the 4 colors below to Evergreen Fog. It looks like the other colors have more gray in them which takes away from the green. But if that’s more what you’re looking for, the other three options would be great to sample. 

Also, if you’re thinking about color matching (ex. using a Benjamin Moore color in Sherwin Williams Paint) I highly recommend that you read this first!! It’s #5 on the list. 

PPG- Green Tea Leaf
Behr- Shady Willow
Ben Moore- Graystone
Farrow & Ball- Stoke

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