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Kaiweets KES01 Stud Finder Review

If you need to hang a picture, shelf or other heavy object on your wall, it’s important to find the studs first. Studs are wooden or metal beams that are used to support the drywall, and they’re the best place to hang heavy objects. Without a stud, your items could fall and damage your walls or belongings. 

There are a few different ways to find studs, but the easiest and most accurate way is to use a stud finder. A stud finder is a handheld device that uses sound waves or magnetic fields to help you easily locate studs in your walls. 

While there are many different stud finders on the market, I have been asked to review the Kaiweets KESO1 Stud Finder Wall Scanner. Here are a few things I took into consideration for this review:

  • Accuracy: The most important factor to consider when choosing a stud finder is accuracy.
  • Ease of use: Stud finders can sometimes be challenging to use, so  it’s important for a stud finder to have a simple interface and clear instructions and if it offers any other useful features. 
  • Price: Stud finders range between $20 – $100. With such a range in price, it’s important to find the best option, that’s also affordable. 

How it works

The Kaiweets KES01 Stud finder is multi-functional with 5 different scanning modes. These modes include, 3/4” and 1-1/2” stud finder mode, metal scanning mode, AC scanning mode and buzzer mode. 

I opened the box to find the stud finder, a dust cover and a 9 volt battery. It’s not too heavy, and it fits in my small hands quite well. 

After inserting the battery, I turned it on and calibrated the tool on a blank wall, because I first wanted to test the stud finder mode. 

With the unit on the wall, I began scanning and found that the screen has directional arrows, and different colored backlights to help you find the center of the stud.  

kaiweets stud finder

The vertical lines on the screen begin to climb as you approach the center, and the backlight turns from green, to orange to red once it’s detected the center. The unit also has a buzzer that will sound when the center is detected. Additionally, the top of the stud finder has a groove that is 1.5 inches wide. This is because a stud is also 1.5” wide, making it incredibly easy to mark the center. 

I was impressed with the accuracy of the stud finder. I wasn’t able to test the metal scanning mode because I do not have metal studs. The AC scanning mode was a bit more difficult to use. I followed the instructions on how to calibrate the device, but I was never able to get a true and precise point of current. Even after I recalibrated it, and tested it on multiple different walls,  I wasn’t able to 

*Tip: Use blue painter’s tape tape on the area you want to scan. It will give you a surface to make your marks on without marking up the whole wall. 

stud finder
stud finder


  • 5 different scanning modes
  • Good price point
  • Easy to use
  • Accurately finds studs and pinpoints the middle of the stud accurately 


  • The AC scanning mode is very finicky. It’s hard to get a precise and accurate reading using this mode
  • It takes a larger battery than other stud finders

Final thoughts and comments

In conclusion, a wall stud finder is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to hang items securely on their walls. Not only will using a stud finder save you time, but it will also prevent damage to your walls and belongings. I was pleased with the results of the stud finder mode, but I’m not sure that I’ll use the other modes it offers. If you’re looking for a an accurate stud finder, at an affordable price, that also offers additional benefits, this is the perfect stud finder. 


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