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Top Farrow & Ball Paint Colors

Paint has a remarkable power to transform our living spaces, infusing them with personality, character and style. And when it comes to premium paint brands, Farrow and Ball stands out as a true epitome of quality and timeless beauty. Since 1946, Farrow and Ball has been captivating homeowners, designers, and artists alike with their exquisite range of paint colors. 

In this blog post, we will explore the world of some of Farrow and Ball’s top paint colors. Prepare to be inspired, captivated and energized as we delve into a world where walls come alive, rooms exude charm, and dreams find their perfect expression in the brushstrokes of Farrow and Ball. 

Are you ready to discover their top paint colors that will not only ignite your imagination, but transform your living space? Let’s begin this delightful journey into the captivating world of Farrow and Ball paint colors. 

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 Hague Blue

No. 30

Hague Blue is a deep dark blue color offered by Farrow and Ball. Inspired by the traditional Dutch paintwork, Hague Blue exudes a sense of timeless beauty and opulence. It has a mysterious quality to it, reminiscent of the depths of the ocean or the night sky. In terms of its undertones, Hague Blue leans towards a slightly greenish hue making it more interesting than a straightforward blue.

Hague Blue Examples

Lulworth Blue No. 89
farrow and ball paint colors skylight
Skylight No. 205
farrow and ball paint colors parma gray
Parma Gray No. 27

 Green Smoke

No. 47

Green Smoke is a sophisticated shade of green that brings a sense of tranquility and harmony to any space. It has a subdued and muted quality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more understated and refined color. Describing Green Smoke involves evoking the image of a misty forest or a verdant landscape at dawn. It’s a soft and smoky green, with hints of gray and a touch of blue. It harmonizes beautifully with natural materials, such as wood and stone, bringing a sense of connection to the outdoors. 

Green Smoke Examples

Schoolhouse White No. 291
Light Gray Farrow and Ball
Light Gray No. 17

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 Down Pipe

No. 26

Down Pipe is a deep, dark gray that is both bold and dramatic. It can be best described as a rich, charcoal gray with a hint of blue undertones. It’s an excellent choice for accent walls, cabinetry, or furniture pieces. Down Pipe pairs well with a variety of colors, and can be complemented by lighter shades, such as soft neutrals or pastels. It also works well with metallic accents or vibrant pops of color. 

farrow and ball paint colors blackened
Blackened No. 2011
farrow and ball paint colors manor house gray
Manor House Gray No. 265
farrow and ball paint colors pavilion gray
Pavilion Gray No. 242

Borrowed Light

No. 273

Borrowed Light is a serene and ethereal shade of blue. Borrowed Light is inspired by the soft light of a clear sky, evoking a feeling of openness and serenity like a gentle breeze on a sunny day. It’s best described as a pale, pastel blue with a subtle touch of green undertones. It can be paired with neutral tones, such as  whites or soft grays. It also compliments other shades of blue, creating a harmonious and tranquil palette. 

Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light pairs well with:

farrow and ball paint colors skylight
Parma Gray No. 27
farrow and ball paint colors hague blue
Hague Blue No. 30
farrow and ball paint colors parma gray
Parma Gray No. 27


No. 25

Pigeon is inspired by the plumage of a pigeon, evoking a subtle blend of muted greens and grays. It can be best described as a warm, medium-toned gray with hints of green and blue undertones. Pigeon has a refined and timeless quality, making it suitable for a range of design styles. It can be complemented by neutrals, such as whites, or creams but can also be combined with other shades of gray or green to create a balanced color scheme. 

Farrow & Ball Pigeon pairs well with:

picture gallery red farrow and ball
Picture Gallery Red No. 42
farrow and ball paint colors slipper satin
Slipper Satin No. 2004

I hope this post has given you ideas and inspiration about the diverse range of colors that Farrow and Ball has to offer. Have you chosen any of these colors? Or do you currently have one of these colors in your home? Leave a comment below! I love hearing from people that read my posts! 

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