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Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue

No. 85 / LRV: 32

Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue is a rich deep blue paint color with a touch of green undertones. It’s a very unique color because the specific undertones can become more apparent in different lighting conditions, adding to the complexity of the color. It is named after the typically oval shaped rooms from 18th century homes. Farrow and Ball say this is their most blackened of blues which gives it an aged feel. 

Is Oval Room Blue, green, blue or teal?

Oval Room Blue is a deep, inky blue with hints of green and gray and it has the uncanny ability to shift and change depending on the light. In a sunny room, it can appear almost teal, while in a shady corner, it takes on a more somber, almost black cast. The uniqueness of this color is part of what makes it so popular with designers and homeowners alike.  

Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue
Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue

Is Oval Room Blue a warm or cool color?

In my opinion, Oval Room Blue is a cool paint color. Cool colors tend to have undertones of blue, green, or purple. With it’s deep blue and subtle green undertones, I believe it’s more of a cool color. Keep in mind that the perception of warmth or coolness can also be influenced by lighting conditions which is why it’s a good idea to test the color in different lighting conditions to get a true sense of the color.

Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue

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Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue

Tips for Using Oval Room Blue

  • Because it’s a darker color, it’s important to make sure that the room you’re using it in has plenty of natural light. 
  • If you’re not sure how dark the color is, you can always order a sample from samplize. 
  • Be prepared to apply multiple coats to get the desired coverage. It’s also recommended that you use a mid-tone primer. 

Farrow & Ball Paint colors that pair with Oval Room Blue: 

Oval Room Blue pairs well with a variety of colors. For a classic look, try pairing it with a white, cream, or gray. For a more modern feel, try it with black, charcoal or navy. And for a touch of drama, try it with bold colors like yellow, orange or pink!

Oval Room Blue
Oval Room Blue
SW- Charcoal Blue
BM- Hawthorne Yellow
FB- Nancy's Blushes
Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue
Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue

Similar paint colors to Oval Room Blue:

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