Popular Front Door Paint Colors

I have a hard time making decisions so when it comes to picking a color for the front door, I know if I don’t like the chosen color, I can easily paint it again! I always suggest taking multiple paint color chips home, to look at them in your personal lighting. Once you’ve narrowed your colors, buy a sample pint. Paint it on a board and place it where the door is so you can get an idea of how it will look. I love to sample paint colors on these boards because they’re easy to move around and large enough to tell what the color really looks like.

I also like to look at my paint sample boards at different times of the day….  on a cloudy day and a sunny day so you’ll know exactly how it will change. Sunlight makes colors appear lighter, so be aware of that. To learn more about how to pick the perfect paint color, click here.

I have posted several popular front door paint colors below. One thing I’ve realized about choosing a front door color is how much easier it is to change the color when the body of your house is a neutral color. Essentially any color goes with a neutral. Make sure to check out my popular post: Benjamin Moore Neutral Color Schemes! Also make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook to get the latest color schemes and examples!


Benjamin Moore: Tranquil Blue



Benjamin Moore: Gray


Sherwin Williams: Blue Peacock



Benjamin Moore: Blue Spa


Benjamin Moore: Midnight Blue



Benjamin Moore: Sangria


Photo by Saan Diego Interior Desingers & Decorators Gatling Design



Benjamin Moore Golden Honey


Photo By: This Old House


Benjamin Moore: Midnight Navy

Photo by Larchmont Interior Designers & Decoraters


Benjamin Moore: Herb Garden


Benjamin Moore Teal Ocean


Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore


Thanks for checking out my blog! Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite front door color is! Also make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook to get the latest color schemes and examples!

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